William Penn’s Ultra Slim Wallet is a good looking addition to your back pocket

And it gives your cards and cash a happy and RFID protected home
23 May 2018 / 11:43IST

Big fat wallets are so passé. Wallets went the MacBook way ever since we were stripped off of all our cash, way back in 2016. That painful memory has faded, and thanks to demonetisation, we no longer feel the need to flaunt cash the way we used to. Being short on cash (translated… responsibility) is almost a way of life now. Credit cards and the godforsaken Aadhar card has found comfortable housing in our wallets. Step in William Penn with the Ultra Slim Twotone Bifold Leather Wallet with complete RFID protection, and the aesthetics of your back pocket go up, while the weight comes down. This finely crafted wallet is minimalistic at best, and keeps your card safe from unwanted payment waves. The currency compartment and six card slots ensures you never have to worry about falling short of options while on a lunch date. Besides being ultra light, at 1495, it’s a great looking steal!