William Penn’s newest fountain pen puts 14 carat gold in your pocket

Will this make you give up typing?
25 April 2017 / 16:09IST

There’s an old-school charm to a fountain pen. It has the ability to transport you back to the times when the sacred pen was mightier than its ball-point and gel counterparts. Who writes anymore when we can type and print, but the urban legend of a fountain pen contributing to better handwriting still remains. William Penn’s Lapis Bard Classic Palladium Trim Fountain Pen might just change your view on typing versus writing. If you’re one of the few who value handwriting skills, then of course you wouldn’t mind if it comes with a 14 carat gold nib. ₹17,500 is all it’ll take to inspire the writer in you. The next time you wanna leave a sweet tid-bit to the bae, pen it instead of typing it. Might make her sway...