Watch your IT guy get redundant with Aten UH3234

Add multiple peripherals to your limited laptop connections
16 August 2019 / 14:15IST

Pick one of these USB docking stations and you are sure to make your office IT guy feel unwanted. With Aten’s UH3234, your laptop gets a plethora of connections while boosting your productivity by a large scale. Macbook users will probably be excited here as they are restricted to limited USB Type-C ports and have no other option but spend on expensive multiple dongles. Even if you are using your razor-thin Windows laptop, your USB port count stays limited. The UH3234 is a sleek USB Type-C multi-functional multiport dock with a Type-C pass through to upgrade your laptop with add-on ports such as VGA, HDMI, Micro and SD card readers and three USB Type-C ports. Charge your laptop simultaneously, add multiple monitors to your laptop and transfer data like a pro — your IT guy will drop his jaw for sure. Just one cable boosts your laptop’s confidence with up to 10 ports for power, video, audio and data. When heading out, simply disconnect one cable and leave. The Aten UH3234 is an ideal laptop accessory for executives, travelers and production professionals; but sadly, it does not come in as cheap. Prices for the Aten docks start at approximately ₹26,832.