Vivo has unveiled its first pair of augmented reality specs

Vivo la vida
27 June 2019 / 9:51IST

Chinese tech outfit Vivo has unveiled a new pair of augmented reality glasses that promise "a new way of interaction in the 5G era." Unveiled at MWC Shanghai 2019, the Vivo AR Glass features a dual-screen display and 6DoF Technology, and can be connected with a 5G smartphone to pull over and control mobile office, facial recognition, and object recognition apps, along with AR games and 3D high-definition videos. While the Vivo AR Glass projects the content, the 5G handset is used to control and switch applications. For instance, when playing a game on the magic specs, your smartphone would become the main console. Or if you were using an office application, it would become the keyboard. There's currently no word on when the Vivo AR Glass will launch or how much it'll cost, so keep an ear to the ground if you're interested in grabbing a pair.