Victorinox’s Alox limited edition is here to paint the town red

A good mix of handy and pretty
26 May 2017 / 11:43IST

This is particularly for the humans who do not rot their lives away clocking in and out time at office. Those who wish to, or actually do spend their living days camping, mountain climbing and enjoying the adventures that the world has to offer. This species of human must add Victorinox’s Alox pocket knife to their backpacks. What makes this multi-purpose instrument appealing is the engraving it comes in. The makers intend to launch a new colour every year, with the year engraved at the back of the pocket knife. Mark your memories in the colour of the year and keep adding to the collection. Do remember to take selfies with it to mark the passage of time. Priced between ₹3250 and ₹3990, this Swiss Army knife will make haters turn green every time you talk about your travels.