Toreto Trilogy can free you from a cable mess

You won’t have wire noodles in your backpack anymore.
02 August 2019 / 12:44IST

If you are like one of us, you too would admit to how easy Trilogy could make your life. Yes, we as the “gadget gurus” at Stuff also find ourselves pulling out noodles of knotted cables from our bag just to juice up our gadgets on the way back home. With Toreto’s Trilogy, cable woes are now history. This power bank comes with its own in-built charging cables for iPhone and Android apart from headphones, cameras and many others. The Trilogy has two short cables on either side — a Lightning/Micro combo and a Type-C. You can charge up to four different types of smartphones or gadgets simultaneously with two additional USB ports residing on its edge. Conveniently refuel that 12000mAh bank with either a Type-C or a Micro USB cable — so no matter which Android your friend uses, refueling is no problem. The Trilogy is built with a fire and dustproof body and comes in Black or White colours and priced at ₹1999.