Tailor-made for high-performers, the Adidas Solar Boost running shoes are engineered by NASA

Nerd Runner
05 June 2018 / 3:56IST

Did we say NASA? Yes sir. These super-light (275 gms) pair of running shoes are inspired and engineered by NASA scientists. Some say they’ve added invisible rocket fuel to boost your running sessions, some even say if you run enough you might catch flight too, just maybe. Anyway, let’s not get carried away with Rick and Morty science level thoughts. With Solar Boost’s new tailor made Fibre Placement tech for midsole support and its proprietary BOOST sole tech, your feet will thank you after your run and keep wanting more no matter what the distance or speed is. Run all you want buddy, because Impossible is Nothing, right? If you believe in #HumFitTohIndiaFit and looking for a new pair of kicks to hit that long stretch, you can fetch these from your nearest Adidas store for ₹13,999. Get off your couch bugger.