Steampunk lovers, go check out Absynthe Design’s handmade pens

There's nothing like a handmade steampunk pen to bump up your style quotient
30 June 2017 / 12:23IST

You’ll destroy your street cred if you turn up at a startup founders’ meet (or sci-fi writers’ convention) with a ballpoint in your pocket. Common or garden biros look shabby at their best, but when you’re rubbing shoulders with other creative types, they risk making you look like an interloper. That’s why you should pick up a steampunk pen (range starting at ₹14,500) from Absynthe Design. Lovingly handcrafted from bits and bobs of intricate machinery, wood sourced from six continents, and old watch hardware collected over the years from across the world, each pen (rollerball or fountain) is one of a kind.