Sound One power banks, keep you going beyond your puny batteries

I got the power!
06 September 2017 / 14:49IST

You could be an adrenaline junkie or an amateur snapper, or even a professional Pokemon Go player, but the one thing that you will always be short of is battery life. Barely a day goes by where you don’t frantically search for a power outlet like a cocaine addict looking for his next fix. Sound One is out to smooth your creased brow with its range of power banks. These handy and compact 10,000 mAh banks are a powerhouse in your pocket. Let’s put it this way, these power banks are like having a refilling stash of your favourite narcotic that you can access every time you are jonesing for it. So, go out there and get your fill of whatever your puny battery is denying you. You can grab yourself some power at ₹1199 from the Sound One website.