Seagate calls for backup with its Backup Plus Portable Hard Drive

It's time to save
03 June 2019 / 17:06IST

Admit it. You have been there too haven’t you. You are all set to download the latest season on your favorite TV show to enjoy later on your flight. And then it appears. The dreaded pop up that says, “ not enough storage to download files”. Your heart sinks and in a frantic attempt to get the new season, you go on a deleting spree. And when that happens, no file is safe! Luckily there are tools to help you with storage anxiety and Seagate has just launched the Backup Plus Portable. This reservoir of storage comes in a 4TB and a 5TB variant, both being USB-C and USB3.0 ready. To make sure you don’t lose something important on your deleting spree, the Hard Drive features once click backup. Oh and you can schedule the backups as well. The Backup Plus Portable comes in red, silver, blue and black colour options.