Samsonite wants you to carry it the smart way

The Samsonite Evoa Tech is luggage from the future
05 August 2021 / 11:00IST

With everything from phones, laptops and even watches going the smart way, why not your luggage too? A common sight in any household before a flight involves a weighing scale, a bit of heavy lifting and anxiety. Well with the Samsonite Evoa Tech smart luggage you get a built-in weighing scale that shows you how much weight you’re lugging in a matter of two seconds. But that’s not all, these days payments are made securely just by a tap and the bag too can be unlocked via the tap of your finger. It comes with a built-in fingerprint lock that supports upto 10 fingerprints and is TSA approved! The Samsonite Evoa Tech also has a Bluetooth tracker that sends you alerts as soon as you are 50 metres away from it so you never leave your precious cargo behind. Taking it around with you is also easy since it has an Aero-Trac suspension wheel system that makes it glide smoother than the aeroplane you’ll be flying in. The Samsonite Evoa Tech is priced at ₹23,800 for the 55cm variant and goes up to ₹29,240 for the 75cm model.