Ray-Ban’s smart glasses shoot Facebook Stories with their Fifties frames

Facebook on your face
10 September 2021 / 12:43IST

Smart glasses are hard to get right. Just ask Google. But Facebook backs itself to build better frames, with the help of Zuckerberg’s buddies at Ray-Ban. Shipped in several classic styles – including the iconic Wayfarers – the new Stories are more Fifties chic than Silicon Valley geek. Weighing just 5g more than a standard pair, the connected specs come equipped with dual 5MP cameras either side of your eyes, for shooting stereoscopic stills or 1184x1184 video at 30fps. Reckon you’ll fly under the radar? An LED alerts subjects that the lenses are looking. Integrated open-ear speakers let you listen without losing yourself, plus a three-mic array means you can call your mates or Facebook Assistant (while onlookers wonder why you’re talking to yourself). There’s also a touch panel along the right temple for easy volume and song control. Squaring off against the Spectacles by Snap, the Stories should make it a cinch to snap and share quick clips to your socials, with the fresh Facebook View app on hand for editing duties. Paired up via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the frames are good for 50 vids when fully charged by the battery-boosting protective case. The Ray-Ban Stories start at approximately ₹30,400.