Pebble’s PCC3M car charger is a saviour for people on-the-go

Meet the smartest car charger around
07 February 2018 / 15:34IST

Zigzagging from one meeting to the next in your car and afraid your mobile will run out of juice? If you are one of those people who is constantly on-the-go, Pebble’s new PCC3M car charger is going to be your saviour. Built with three USB outputs and a 4.2A output, this car charger also has smart features like auto-charging, and auto-power off which make sure that it never wastes energy. That’s not all it does though. This charger will also help you make calls when you are driving, for it is equipped with a mono Bluetooth earbud. The Bluetooth 4.1 earpod ensures that you can focus on the roads and drive safely. Want to dash to get this for your car? Head this way (Amazon) with ₹ 2499 in hand.