Mars II smartly shines on your walls

The name says it’s out of this world!
17 September 2019 / 18:28IST

From somewhere, Mars II ended up on Earth! No seriously, Mars II is the name of a new smart portable projector from Nebula (by Anker) that is portable enough to tag along and enjoy movies or seminars outdoors. This little DLP projector packs in a 4-hour battery along with 10W speakers and runs off Android 7.1 to brighten up your walls with 720p entertainment. Not watching a movie? This lunchbox-style portable projector can also double up as a Bluetooth speaker and use that internal battery for a straight 30 hours, enough to keep your kids dancing through the night, and the next night too. Plug in your lappie, a Chromecast dongle or that Fire TV Stick to its HDMI port, or simply pop in a USB pen drive and keep your kids glued at the camp. Mars II isn't as cheap either — this little Smart Projector will shell-off a good ₹51,999 from your bank balance.