Make offline payments using the magic of sound through ToneTags Audio Pod

Standing in long queues to make payments could end very soon
03 August 2017 / 17:15IST

You’re shopping at a supermarket for groceries, once you're done, you go to the counter to pay. You either use cash or credit. But what if we told you that you could also pay through sound? Blink again, you read right. I'm pretty sure Galileo must be proud. We live in the era of NFC, QR codes, and other e-Wallet payments. ToneTag has already made an app (Android and iOS) for contactless payment through sound. But to make this more commercial and useful, they created The Audio Pod. The Pod works in offline conditions requiring no internet connection or Wi-Fi. Just tap your phone on the Pod and the Pod emits a sound wave carrying data that is received by the phone, and boom, your transaction is completed safely. Now, that aunty standing behind you won't scream ‘jaldi karo’ - You could turn around and tap her on the head too - cos this apparently takes seconds to confirm the payment. So long queues.