Lenovo’s 10,000mAh MP1060 power bank will fuel your smartphone addiction for just ₹1299

Now even your pocket won't complain
14 July 2017 / 16:37IST

We’re yet to hear the words “I have lots of battery, here, use my phone”. Since the era of portable power banks has come forth, we tend to look at our screens for a longer time. Having that said, Lenovo's MP1060 power bank is juiced with 10000mAh battery power. But wait, power banks are common these days, what makes this so special? Well, Lenovo’s power bank is made in such a unique way, which not only lets you look good while charging, but lets you stay cool as well. This 200g baby’s inbuilt Lithium-Polymer battery keeps your juice preserved for a longer time within its compact and light exterior. So this thing’s harder, better, stronger and faster? Daft Punk would certainly approve. The Lenovo MP1060 is priced at ₹1,299 and available exclusively on Flipkart.