This leather wallet charges your smartphone from the sun

And packs a slimline backup battery, too
06 June 2017 / 13:36IST

Flat-battery panic is surefire way to ruin your beachside cocktail session. Rather than renting a power locker, though, this Nappa leather wallet from Lucca Bozzi (from US$99, Indiegogo; around ₹6,300) would have you channel the sun’s lumens for your quick charge fix. Equipped with an integrated charging cable (Lightning, microUSB or USB-C), it’ll zap your talky box from any light source thanks to an in-built solar cell. Better yet, its slimline build, including a money clip and quick-access card slot, means it’ll back you up without stealing pocket space. There’s a 1500mAh battery inside, too, for when you’re in the dark, sticky club, while RFID protection should stop dodgy sorts nicking your holiday cash.