Keep your head cooler with the BluSnap helmet strap by BluArmor

Strap on and enjoy the ride
04 July 2018 / 12:01IST

Indians wear helmets for mainly two reasons - for safety, duh and to avoid cops. That’s not it though. Due to harsh temperatures in parts of India and for the love of air conditioners, BluArmor’s created another reason for you to wear a full faced helmet. Meet BluSnap (₹1,948), a strap which you can attach to your helmet that lowers the temperature inside your helmet by 6-15° using its water-evaporating cooling system. It’s also known for its antibacterial cooler filter that keeps you away from the germs, viruses, flies, dust, spit and fog. Phew. It’s got 10 hours of battery life and you can easily replace the cooler-filter cartridge every 3-6 months. You can head to BluArmor helmets and choose from five different colour straps to latch onto your full faced helmet. Now those traffic jams in the summer will feel super chill.