Kanex Wall charger charges four devices in one go

With more ports comes more charging for multiple devices
29 January 2018 / 11:02IST

Phone chargers don’t exactly give butterflies in our stomach, but they're as important as the air we breathe (once purified with a fancy schmancy air purifier). In a nutshell, we can’t live without them. But given the number of devices we’re surrounded by that need constant charging, and a limited number of electric points, we often find ourselves prioritising what device to charge first. This Kanex Wall Charger is pretty exciting ‘coz it’ll let us charge the phone, our fitness watch, the iPod and Bluetooth speakers, all at once. As long as there’s enough room on the desk to fit it all, the four USB ports allow multiple devices to be charged, as long as all connected devices come with a USB-A cable. Till the time we get our hands on wireless charging docks, or even in the absence of them we’re very happy with this one, priced at 2150.