Get around those single power socket woes with Portronics' Unipower

This single universal power socket gadget can help you charge up to three gadgets while allowing you to plug in your lappie too.
29 July 2019 / 11:25IST

You just got into that Airbnb room only to find out that the study table has just one power socket. And now you want to charge your laptop and your smartphone and your headphones and that smartwatch and god knows what you carried on your trip. Well, while your laptop can help you with numerous USB ports, it won’t suffice for long. Pick up a Portronics Unipower for just ₹1999 and you will find yourself relaxed even before you head out of home. This single universal power adapter can pass on 230V AC for that laptop, while its three Smart USB charging ports can simultaneously charge up to three devices with up to 3.4A of power, all from a single power socket. Finding it expensive? You could bag this one for as cheap as ₹725 on the Portronics website while the offer still exists. Don’t let hotel rooms make you feel helpless with single power sockets near your bedside anymore.