Eureka Forbes encourages drinking (water) while driving

The Nourish Anti-Oxidant Water Bottle has an ionizer and an LCD display, all for ₹5299.
28 June 2019 / 14:38IST

Hydrating yourself while on the go is as important as breathing fresh air, and that’s what Eureka Forbes’ latest gadget-cum-travel accessory is meant for. While this little bottle is built with some smart hardware that does just what it’s designed for — ensuring that you drink sufficient, and on time. The Eureka Forbes Nourish Anti-Oxidant Water Bottle claims to have a lightweight design and an LCD display to help you meet your daily water intake needs. The smart health technology nourishes the water to help in faster absorption and better hydration which helps stimulate weight loss by improving the metabolism. Eureka Forbes also claims that Aquaguard Nourish Anti-oxidant water contains active hydrogen ions that act as powerful anti-oxidants and helps strengthen immunity. The bottle helps raise the concentration levels of hydrogen molecules in the water so that it is easily digested and increases health benefits such as freeing radicals repairing environmental damage, soothes soreness and provide energy. The bottle holds 500ml of water, is available in black colour and priced at ₹5299 on Amazon. Find it pricey? Well, weigh it against health and you get your answer.