DJI’s latest drones get dedicated Smart Controller accessory

It’s tough, and twice as bright as your phone screen
10 January 2019 / 16:26IST

One of the quirks of DJI’s superb consumer drones is that they require a smartphone or tablet to function as both a live-feed screen and a control centre, which basically means your device is out of commission while you’re in pilot mode. Not so with the company’s latest accessory, the Smart Controller ($650; around ​45,841), a remote controller with its own 5.5in 1080p touch display. Designed to work with any DJI drone using OcuSync 2.0 technology (which includes the new Mavic 2 range), it’s able to function in temperatures as low as -20ºC and its screen is about twice the brightness of a standard phone’s, meaning it’ll remain visible even in direct sunlight. It runs on Android, which means you’ll be able to install third-party apps, and features an HDMI output able to play 4K videos at up to 60fps on your TV.