DJI takes to the sky with Mavic Air 2 with better battery life, longer range

Aerial ultra
30 April 2020 / 13:02IST

There’s arguably no better time to take aerial shots of your own neighbourhood while stuck in it, and DJI’s Mavic Air 2 will do just that in 4K for up to 34 minutes fly time. Primarily, the foldable drone gets a bigger 1/2-inch CMOS image sensor, larger battery and a new controller. Footage captured on the 48MP camera comes in at up to 60fps and includes ‘enhanced HDR’ for all images, including video and panorama. DJI has also added an 8K Hyperlapse mode, for insanely detailed 8K time-lapse videos of food delivery riders. Weighing 570g means you’ll have to formally register it with the DCGA, but will get the kudos of being just about the only thing airborne. Even better, it costs the same as the original Mavic Air at launch ($799), but with an increased range from a mediocre 4km to a get-outta-town 10km.