Connect your smartphone to the Carriall smart bag using its Bluetooth location tracker

Plenty of pockets for the everyday traveller
07 September 2018 / 14:58IST

Urban travellers are always on the lookout to find the perfect backpack with the right kind of pocket for every gadget, accessory, bottle, and other stuff that's usually cramped into a backpack. Carriall India's smart bag (₹4,999) is packed with plenty of pockets in every nook and corner (literally) so you can stuff it up and still keep it clutter-free. It comes with a Micro USB charging port and wire (you’ll have to buy a powerbank) so you can charge your smartphone/headphone on the go. Connect your smartphone to its Bluetooth location tracker in case someone decides to pull a prank on you. The bag is water resistant so your stuff inside stays dry and it’s sturdy enough to withstand pushy local train rides too. You can choose from two styles - Vasco and Columbus with an option of different colours too. Start wearing one from here.