Charge your Qi enabled smartphone with Avido’s WiBa two-in-one wireless charging system

Wireless juice
11 May 2018 / 16:59IST

Wireless charging just got way simpler than it already is. WiBa’s 2-in-1 wireless charging system (from $89; around ₹5,900) is what every Qi enabled smartphone needs. Currently 85% of it is already backed on Indiegogo in just one day, Avido’s WiBa wireless charging system has one charging pad connected via USB Type-C, stack its Qi portable enabled power bank (5000 mAh) with fast charging on the pad to recharge wirelessly. Once the wireless power bank is nicely juiced, you can stack your smartphone (iPhone X, Galaxy S9, Nokia 8 Sirocco and others) on that or carry it in your backpack without any wire hassle to charge it up. Sweet right?