Casio’s new limited edition watch immortalises Team Land Cruiser in the Dakar Rally

It's even got the logo etched on it
31 July 2018 / 17:27IST

Mud Master GG-1000 gets a spanking new limited edition that’s the birth child of a tie up between Casio and Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body. Historically, Toyota has been participating in the Dakar Rally ever since its inception and now it's nurtured into the world's toughest rally. You know what else is synonymous with tough? Casio G-Shock! The terms mud, shock and water resistance are a childsplay for this limited edition Casio. A combination of blue, white and red hues on the watch represent its affiliation with Team Land Cruiser with the  logo of the team on the front and backside as well. The watch also comes loaded with a full auto-calendar (until the year 2099), world time of 31 time zones (48 cities + coordinated universal time), direction and temperature sensor. So it's a watch alright but just tougher! Or fancier? Or very exclusive! Whatever it is, it's priced reasonably well at ₹14,995 to place it on your wrist.