Bringy gives your pooch a futuristic take on fetch

Connected tech trumps miscellaneous twigs
27 June 2017 / 17:42IST

Lobbing a log for your mutt to chase is one of life’s finest pleasures. Thing is, Biscuit doesn’t get much from it. Oh, sure, his tail is wagging and he’s never complained about tearing after the same stick of wood time after time - but how’s he supposed to track his PB? That’s where Bringy (from US$45, Kickstarter; around ₹2,900) comes in. A shockproof ball that talks to your smartphone, it’s fitted with the same motion-tracking tech used by tennis pros - which means you can measure your woofer’s speed, jump height, run distance and more. Better yet, if things head for the bushes there’s an alarm to help you find the rubber roller. Oh, and it glows in the dark.