ASICS Gel Quantum Infinity’s performance-driven kicks are high on functionality as well

Gel it along
07 December 2018 / 13:47IST

Pick up a pair of knicks to see how futuristic tech has gotten. We may still be far from owning a personal robot for a lover, but gear yourselves for the best in shoes. This pair here, for example, is equipped with the first-of-a-kind gel midsole from heel to toe. The ASICS Gel-Quantum Infinity combines a functional sole and the comfort of high-level and premium cushioning. It still doesn’t make us time travel, but running in these is more likely to be a better experience than doing so bare feet. An ASICS design, as always is spot-on. Lightweight and performance-driven and priced at ₹17,999, these shoes are created to be consistent and durable. Grab a pair!