This Airpaq backpack will soothe your eco conscience

Carryaround storage made from car parts
14 July 2017 / 18:11IST

When a beloved motor goes to die, most of its bits tend to end up crushed into a cube of dashed dreams and miles not realised. Some lucky parts, though, manage to escape their crushing overlords like a scrapyard sequel to Sausage Party. And, when they do run free, they get to live on by carrying all of your clutter around. Meet Airpaq (from €115 which converts to about 8,500, Kickstarter): a clever rucksack made from recycled safety bits. Two airbags are used for the body and roll-top closure, while the material from four seatbelts makes up the back and straps - and it’s all held together by a trusty seatbelt buckle.