Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup is an epic gathering of great brands and talented gamers

A super amalgamation of games, gamers, gaming brands and RGB
23 October 2018 / 13:50IST

With gamers, games and gaming brands gathering under a single roof, some say Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup could be well on its way to change the definition of ‘The Real-G’. Obviously the underlying premise here is to strengthen the trade harmony between India and Taiwan but what does that have to do with gaming? Well, Taiwan does have a truckload of gaming brands that you’re quite familiar with: Asus, MSI, Acer, BenQ and Cooler Master are a few that one can immediately recognise. Alongside the presence of such strong brands comes this excellent gaming cup for professional CS:GO and DOTA 2 players. Splurging ₹10lac on the whole tournament where the winners of both games take home ₹2lac each and the remaining money is distributed among the runner-ups and subsequent teams all the way till the eighth place. Entity Gaming won the CS:GO finals and Signify won the DOTA 2 finals but there’s a lot here to grasp if you’re not into professional gaming too. Exploring and experiencing latest tech innovations from the said brands is always on display to get your hands dirty and if you’re looking to connect with brands, Taiwan Excellence Cup serves as a great platform for networking with the brands directly as well. This country spread tournament has been echoing back to Mumbai for finals since the past five years. So expect it to only get bigger and stronger over the years and probably next year it could be your team bagging a ₹2lac prize pot. Expect stiff competition though.