Stay in the game with Intel's new modular Next Unit of Computing

Compute and Compete
30 July 2021 / 20:49IST

At this point, I'm surprised we are not in a simulation with the amount of computing power that can fit in a gaming rig. Intel’s NUC (Next Unit of Computing) has a 11th Gen Intel Core i9, three 92mm fans and a full range of input-output ports. The point of these machines is not to do your new excel spreadsheet but to make you feel that reality is in the latest game world. Got a shiny new game? You won’t fall behind because the hinged chassis and support for two discrete full-size graphics cards will let you upgrade your rig with ease. You can fit two PCle SSDs and even max out the RAM at 64GB. If you're interested in this game of PC wars, the NUC will cost you $1,350 (around 1,00,406) or you can get the Intel i7 version instead for $1,150 (around 85,531).