Rapoo VPRO V510 is an affordable spill-resistant mechanical keyboard

Ah, I dropped diet coke on it. Oh, it’s still working. Nevermind.
16 January 2018 / 16:32IST

PC accessories are pricey and PC gaming accessories are reaching kidney-demanding prices. Luckily, you don’t have to scan through your medical insurance papers to buy an affordable yet sturdy mechanical keyboard. Rapoo has knocked on the Indian shores and docked their VPRO gaming segment at affordable prices. The VPRO V510 can chomp down a good ₹3,999 bucks for a spill-resistant blue switch mechanical keyboard. Given the build quality and that sensual clickity sound of the blue switches, it’s a bargain. It’s got anti-ghosting keys so you can bang your head on it in case of absolute defeat or just have a closer look at the red backlit lighting. Offended by simple red lighting? Gamers demanding the entire RGB disco with other useless but oh-so-sexy lookin’ features can check out the entire range of gaming accessories on the Rapoo website.