PlayStation 5’s new controller is DualSense, in every way

Twice the sensation
08 April 2020 / 16:09IST

The privileged few who are more than excited to adhere to the lockdown are gamers, and it’s not us saying, it’s the gaming industry’s peaking numbers on sales and congested servers across the globe. We all know PS5 is set to launch in the Diwali-Christmas period, but before we get a look at the console itself, PlayStation has shared the details of the new and redesigned controller. It’s called DualSense and, according to PlayStation, the controller will take the next generation step in immersion. It won’t magically teleport you into the game; sadly, we are not there yet, but something closer to that feeling is in play. The DualSense controller has haptic feedback and bulkier-looking grip. There’s a microphone now so that you can jump into a chat without the hassle of finding a headset. The redesigned controller also sports a dual-tone finish along with LED lights that extend around the touchpad. With adaptive trigger buttons, the L2 and R2 will let you feel the tension of the bow itself before firing off the arrow. The DualSense controller will also have a ‘Create’ button instead of the Share button from the previous controller. Not much detail was shared about this for now. We’ll update you as and when PlayStation stops playing with our feelings and shows us the full console. And finally, we get USB Type-C charging for the controller. Next Gen is closer – time to start dropping enormous pink notes inside the piggy bank.