Nvidia's RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080Ti will make the GTX Titan feel like a powerless brick

10 years in the making and Nvidia made light rays more realistic than life
21 August 2018 / 12:32IST

Just when you started collecting cash for the most powerful Nvidia GPUs, Nvidia crashed your sobby party and dropped an even more powerful GPU. Welcome to the world of tech and don’t break that piggy bank just yet. Apart from moving away from the GTX acronym, the RTX series is super pumped to deliver realistic lighting, real-time ray tracing and AI smarts. And that's just us putting it mildly. According to Nvidia, the Turing architecture delivers 6x times more performance over the already powerful GTX’s Pascal architecture. Only when you thought consoles caught up to PC gaming, the RTX series boasts an astonishing 4K HDR gameplay at 60fps even on the most advanced titles with the aforementioned shindig. It's even designed to to deliver power, display and bandwidth for VR over a single USB Type-C. The RTX 2070 itself is said to outperform the GTX Titan which costed a whopping upwards of ₹80,000. Although you can rest easy now because the RTX 2070 starts from ₹51,200, RTX 2080 from ₹68,500 and RTX 2080Ti from ₹1,02,500. So you cannot help but hold off from dropping a stone on that piggy bank a little more till these bad boys finally start coming in store.