The Netgear Nighthawk claws its competition

Gaming online just got sharper
05 June 2018 / 14:25IST

LOOK AT IT! Wouldn’t the Nighthawk be the perfect addition to your already ostentatious gaming setup? Hell yea it would. Just place it next to your RGB light strips and it will look as glorious as it does menacing. But why would you spend an astounding 23,000 on a router? First of all it comes with some kick ass hardware such as a dual-core 1.7GHz processor, Quad-stream Wave 2 WiFi with MU-MIMO, and four external high-power antennas. But where the money really goes is in the software. Features like a Geo Filter that Fix your gaming lag by limiting distance to servers or other players along with the ability to create black/white lists of your preferred servers, Gaming VPN that preserves your identity and protects you from DDoS attacks and other features like a specialised Gaming Dashboard is what the Nighthawk equips you with. Add to that the AC2600WiFi that allows you to reach speeds of 800+1733 Mbps and  simultaneous dual-band WiFi and there will be a chicken dinner every night.