Monopoly and Nintendo ensure seamless gaming ‘switch’ between screen and board

The two legends bring sweet gaming rewards
30 March 2018 / 11:39IST

Monopoly must be one helluva legendary game, going by the number of versions the poor thing has seen over the years. Not that it’s the last one, and we’re not even complaining. With the newest version, serious monopoly players and Nintendo lovers can find some common ground. Nintendo fans can take a break and 'switch' things up with Hasbro’s Monopoly Gamer. Choose your favourite character - Mario, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach or Yoshi - and race around the board to collect coins (instead of classic money) and properties and have a gaming marathon, closest to your known territory. The special ‘Power-up Die’ activates a special ‘Power-up Boost’, landing on the Super Starboard space will activate Princess Peach’s Super Star ability to collect rent from the bank. Monopoly Gamer is available for 1999 at select retailers (in a special packaging and a bonus introductory Browser token) and at the official online store.