Missing PUBG? Try Battlegrounds Mobile India. It’s the same thing!

With health warnings
18 June 2021 / 13:05IST

There’s a massive following for PUBG in India and that’s why when the folks in the Parliament were playing tic-tac-toe to delete certain apps, PUBG’s departure was hard stuck with fans. Fast forward after many APKs and fake news about re-entry, Krafton has been given the mantle to build a new PUBG but for India. Purposefully rebranded Battlegrounds Mobile India and here’s the link to get early access to Battlegrounds Mobile India on your Android devices. As we mentioned, it’s in early access so expect some funky things to happen till the polished and final version is out. Krafton is a South Korean company with Tencent (folks who made PUBG mobile) having a 15.5% stake. Obviously, the game is a cash cow for Tencent and this is just a move to loop around the intricacies laid by our heavily bearded lawmakers. So you can expect the same gameplay and features to stick around and you can even carry your PUBG progress and saved data to BMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India, that’s what we’re calling it now? PUBG sounds better).