Logitech new Pro X Superlight esports mouse might be the lightest in the world

Float like a butterfly
20 November 2020 / 20:18IST

Logitech has created what it claims is the world's lightest wireless esports gaming mouse. It's a fairly niche claim to fame, but still pretty impressive when you consider the Pro X Superlight weighs under 63 grams - that's 25 percent lighter than Logitech's standard Pro Wireless mouse. Despite being a veritable featherweight, the Superlight boasts an impressive array of features including an uber-precise Hero 25K optical sensor, 2.4GHz 'Lightspeed' pro-grade wireless technology, and zero-additive PTFE feet that should deliver a silky smooth glide. Toss up to 70 hours of battery life into the mix, and you've got a lean, mean, nimble clicking machine that even the most serious pro would cherish.