Lenovo's Legion Y44w monitor can expand your gaming horizons

Double your viewing pleasure with this ultra-wide 32:10 beast
09 January 2019 / 14:43IST

Standard monitor not providing enough of a view for you? Not keen on aligning a couple of screens next to each other for your expanded PC needs? Lenovo's new Legion Y44w monitor can help on both counts. It's a huge, ultra-wide beast at 43.4in and a whopping 32:10 aspect ratio, providing an incredible view for supported games and putting much more of the game world in sight. Essentially, it's like two 24in 16:10 monitors placed side-by-side, and thanks to the dual integrated USB-C ports, you can link in two separate video sources if you'd rather have two standard-sized images in view. That's perfect for days when you're working from home… but also want to play Fortnite in between emails. It's out in April for US$1,199, or there's the identically-specced but less-stylised ThinkVision P44w for business users at US$1,299.