Lenovo T730 is packing a spanking new Nvidia RTX 1080

Shut up and take my money
31 August 2018 / 14:54IST

IFA 2018 has just begun and the big boys are already showing off their latest rigs with the Nvidia’s RTX series GPUs. Lenovo obviously jumped first of the lot and plonked it in their teeny-tiny 28L rig and the even more tinier 19L Legion C730. It comes with upto 32GB Corsair RAM and up to 512GB M.2 SSD and two 1TB HDD. The top spec variant comes with an Intel i7-8700K with an option to get i5 version as well. There are ports aplenty and like any standard gaming rig, this one too has come heavily screaming ‘RGB for Life’ moto plastered on its innards. We don’t need to tell you how many lights it can produce but when it's starting at €1999 it better put on a show, am I right?