The HyperX Cloud Alpha headset will let you enjoy bass without ignoring your sobby teammates

Yes, I will revive you noobdestroyer_1_
23 March 2018 / 13:12IST

Call of Duty WWII’s cinematic explosions are one of the best in video games, but it's too bad that your headset doesn't do justice to them. Or does it? Could you hear Private Daniels’ teammates screaming across the beach where bombs were falling like bird droppings? No you couldn't. You were too busy enjoying the exploding beach and now your teammates are dead because you don’t have Dual Chamber Technology in your headset to separate the powerful bass from the highs and mids. Well, that’s what HyperX believes though, not us. We want to give these ₹10,499 gaming headsets a proper Stuff spanking before claiming anything.