Get ready for the beastly twin face Omen

Seeking sheer gaming power clubbed with extra convenience? Get ready to cough up ₹2,09,990 on HP’s Omen X 2S.
28 June 2019 / 15:43IST

HP has finally dragged the two-faced gaming beast into India. 

The Omen X 2S is the world’s first dual display gaming laptop. Now you can get the best multitasking experience which will allow you as a gamer to simultaneously chat and communicate with your online friends without having to lay your hands on your phone or sacrificing your screen’s real estate. The Omen X 2S offers an additional 6-inch touchscreen full HD display that resides just above your keyboard, so you can continue on your battlefield while still checking out your WhatsApp messages, emails, surf on YouTube or anything else that needs your attention. With dedicated hotkeys, you can also use that second display to cut and magnify parts of your gaming area, such as maps, so that you can do more without moving your eyes away from your enemy. As for the beast itself, the Omen X 2S is powered by Intel’s latest Core i9 processors with RAM options up to 16GB and a powerful Nvidia GTX 2080 graphics engine with a 15-incher full HD 144Hz 1080p display. Keep your eyes on the road or that crosshair on your enemy and let the HP’s Omen Command Centre tackle the beastly under your keyboard to ensure you have a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience. Available from July 1, HP’s Omen X 2S will start breaking your bank at ₹2,09,990.