Bored of your regular PS4 Dualshock? Try Nacon’s Revolution Pro

Tweak or twerk it, your choice
27 July 2017 / 15:22IST

You won’t just need a PS4 to get the most out of a Nacon Revolution controller - you’ll also need a PC to program it with. Download the software and plug in the controller, and you’ll be able to tweak the dead zone of each thumbstick, sensitivity curve of each trigger, and set the four customisable buttons on the back - placed for your fingers, so your thumbs can stay glued to the thumbtacks.Nacon has pinched Microsoft’s joystick layout, with the left stick sitting where you’d normally find the D-Pad on a DualShock 4 controller.It’s full of other neat tweaks as well, like the weights that slide inside it to add a bit more bulk, in case you’re into that kind of thing. The Nacon Revolution Pro costs ₹11,490 and you’d find it at Amazon India.