Asus ROG Swift 360Hz is going to reduce latency with some help from Nvidia

Accurate pew pews
01 September 2020 / 22:42IST

We already saw a glimpse of this puppy back at CES:2020 but now it’s official. The famed Swift 360Hz PG259QNR monitor has the Nvidia G-Sync smarts and more. Nvidia just announced the RTX 30 Series GPUs along with a neat trick for competitive gaming called Nvidia Reflex. Nvidia Reflex Latency Analyzer detects input coming from the mouse and then measures the time it takes for the resulting pixels to change on the screen. This helps to reduce the latency of up to 50% according to Nvidia and Asus ROG. So if you’re serious about that eSports career, one of these can help you stand out or rather, kick the competition out. The monitor is as fast as it gets, with 1ms response time on an IPS panel, but now you can pick between the standard 360Hz model or the one with Nvidia’s G-Sync and Reflex.  It’s coming soon in India and we’ll update you once the pricing is announced.