Acer launches an army of 8 gaming laptops and other goodies

Helios 700 and Triton 900 prices in India start at Rs. 2.5 lakh
06 August 2019 / 18:32IST

Acer has just dropped the refreshed line of the Predator Triton and Helios line of laptops with a budget range that will suit a wider audience. Starting at Rs. 59,999 for the Nitro 5 and Rs. 84,999, these come in as a direct jab at the recently launched Asus TUF series, but come with the latest Intel 9th-gen processors, just like the rest of the range. Slicker, edgier and lighter with improvements on the fan design, they boast an improved battery life and overall gain in performance. The Triton 900 runs the latest RTX 2080 but the party trick is its 17.3-inch 4K IPS display that floats above the chassis on a CNC-machined Ezel Aero Hinge that flips, extends, or reclines. While this one bends, the Helios 700 features the famed sliding keyboard mechanism which is hands down just COOL engineering. The question is, would you splurge Rs. 2.5 lakhs on it? While the Helios 300 15in (Rs. 99,999) and 17in (Rs. 1,14,999) make more sense, sometimes you have to listen to the heart and splurge a bit. But then again. Wait for our full review.