Fossil’s limited edition Solar Watch World-Timer is all about making more from less

Makes you wonder, why can’t all of its watches be made like this
27 April 2021 / 12:23IST

If you thought that an eco-friendly watch would be loaded with compromise, think again! Fossil has just launched the second iteration of its solar-powered watch and it’s called the Solar Watch World-Timer. Long name aside, this one’s quite special and will definitely be picked up by those who are worried about the environment (which should ideally include all of us). Apart from the regular watch features, it also comes with world time and a compass. The watch features a solar-powered movement that charges up in 8 hours and can remain in motion for upto 3 months on a single charge. This also means fewer watch batteries ending up in landfills. But there’s more. The blue rPet strap is made from recycled plastic bottles and the 42mm case is made from, believe it or not… castor oil! This limited edition watch is on sale in India at ₹11,995.

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