Embark puts home-grown perfumes on the map with its new range

A choice of six fragrances ensures the summer months ahead won’t be smelly
04 March 2018 / 21:46IST

Summers are knocking on our doors and we’re already spending most of our savings stocking up on deodorants and what not. Hence the launch of Embark perfumes couldn’t have been more well timed, because the months ahead are going to be sticky and smelly, to say the least. The launch of six perfumes – four for men and two for women – gives us hope. Besides, these home-grown fragrances are priced quite reasonably (150ml deodorant for 295, 30ml Eau De Parfum for 695 and 100ml for 1595), and are available at most big departmentals like Shoppers’ Stop. You could spend on these instead of the heavily priced bottles available at these stores and go for a fragrant weekend getaway instead.  

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