Delhi Wine Festival is more than your typical wine tasting hoopla

It’s wine o’clock, but there’s also music, food and the perfect ambience to get a little wine high…
25 February 2019 / 15:04IST

There are festivals for gin lovers, weekend whiskey tasting, and now wine lovers in and around New Delhi can jump in joy coz Delhi Wine Festival is just around the corner. Being able to afford exquisite wine and scrumptious food are the reason we work so hard through the week. So if ever you’ve had a time that every one of you is not on board with a certain plan, the Delhi Wine Festival shall cater to the perfect foodie, the wine lover and the ultimate music lover. There will be wines from Australia, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, France and New Zealand; music from The Copycats, Tanya Nambiar and The Revisit Project. This accompanied with the yummy Delhi food and the open air venue Qla at Mehrauli, and you can just chill and relax with friends or family and wine for the good times. The entry to this event happening on March 2nd and 3rd is free. You just pay for the food and wine (@₹400 per glass) so you can thank us for informing you so you can plan an epic evening well in advance. Get ready to sip, swirl and savour!

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