Custom build your own perfume from 3003 BC Bespoke Perfumes

Wear it like you own it, just don't get killed
29 August 2017 / 16:49IST

We humans like to smell good. Some of us have different fragrances for occasions, some of us have perfumes for each time of the day. But some of us want to be different. So be different, and customise your own scent from 3003 BC’s Bespoke perfumery in collaboration with Parfumeur Createur - John Stephen. Bequeath or create a fragrance just the way you like it. The customisation takes 12 to 16 weeks. The master perfumer consults you face-to-face or virtually, prepares samples on your brief and designs the bottle with your shape and label, tailor-made for you. The bottle is delivered in a hand-crafted box with a certificate of authenticity, so that you know, it's real. Any special occasion coming soon? Make a perfume that reminds them of you. It could be your mom, dad or dog, your wish. Before you go ahead, know that it'll set you back a cool five lacs for the Bespoke experience.   

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