Come April and Apple brings Clips for the expressive, social networking soul

All that comes in April isn’t here to fool you
24 March 2017 / 17:54IST

If there was an appropriate way to express our love for Apple, we’d build a chapel and worship everything the geeks in California do.

But alas, that’s not happening anytime soon. In the meanwhile, Apple brings good news in April. The newly-announced app, Clips will make social networking and image sharing even more fun. Users can combine video clips, photos and music into great-looking videos to share with friends through the Messages app, or on Instagram, Facebook and other popular social networks.

Is this going to be the newest app on the block?

Clips will have something fun in store to ensure it doesn’t get lost in the hordes of apps out there, but we can be hopeful, ‘coz it’s Apple, after all. We can definitely expect something exceptional from the makers of those drool-worthy gadgets that we love. For those who document every moment of their lives on social network will be able to do so better.

Clips is designed to give iPad and iPhone users a completely new way of expressing themselves through video. A few taps and the user would make for a great editor. The app is user-friendly and the Live Titles feature helps create animated captions and titles using voice command.

That sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Key features of the app include fun effects including comic book filters, speech bubbles, shapes and full-screen animated posters help bring out their personality in videos made with Clips. There are dozens of music tracks too to add an extra dose of yourself to them. Once edited and ready, these videos are ready to be shared, so that everyone on your list knows you not only have a very happening life, you’re pretty updated too!

How long do I have to wait and how much would it cost?

Clips wouldn’t cost you a penny and the wait for it will end in the beginning of next month. Our pictures and videos will have to wait a week for the fancy features on offer. But all good things come to those who wait, right? So wait we shall!

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